Renter’s Shopping

We are seeing 👀 an increase in the number renter’s📈 getting preapproved and searching for homes🙌.

This is  👋 Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶 Realty. 

I’ve seen 🙇a huge uptick in the number of online home 🏠shoppers💻 who identify as currently renting😀. If you are looking for a South Florida 🚩area specific home search engine, click the link👇, fill out the information, and I’ll give you free access💪.

Certainly👀, the world has changed🔀 in many ways and this may be because we have been 💬asked to stay home🏠. Whether due to spending the last two months📅 in a 700-square💭 foot apartment or just wanting a space of their own🏠, home buying activity has increased📈 in this segment of the market📦.

👉If you are a current renter buying a home can seem🙋 like a daunting task😥. There are a lot of moving parts, from determining what you can afford💰, to finding accurate information online💻, and finding the right home🏡.

Having the right perspective🔎 is everything to getting a good deal📑. I’ve represented 👦hundreds of buyers right here in Broward✅ and the best part is my fee is free❗ to you as a buyer👍. With me, my promise✋ is to give you accurate perceptions👆, clear communication, 📢 and access to the best home search engines and affiliates🔎.

This is your friend 👋Carlitos Zapata, Miami 🐶 Pitbull of Real Estate, Real Estate with loyalty and love💓

Renter’s Shopping
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