National Real Estate Market Updated

🤔 Buyer purchasing power is increasing throughout the country. That is excellent for buyers because it means that it is easier to buy a house and it is also ideal for sellers because it means that buyers can qualify for more money. 👌

Hi, I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull Realty helping buyers and sellers here in Broward County, Miami and West Palm Beach to buy and sell their perfect home. Recently👌, First America made a report that shows that home prices increased by +5.7 percent, which would have a negative effect on buyers’ purchasing power, approximately $ 21,300, 🤞 however, mortgage rates fell 0.85%, which actually means that the purchasing power of a buyer would increase by $ 40,200. In addition, wages increased 1.5%. So, if you consider all these numbers, that means that the purchasing power of a buyer actually increases by $ 24,500. This is great news😁, but some people still feel a little nervous about buying or selling because of everything that is said about the recession. While we know that a recession is coming, check out the study that shows Americans choose real estate as the safest investment even on a savings account, gold or stocks and bonds. And don’t forget that rental prices continue to rise and owning a home has significant tax benefits, so contact us at Pitbull Realty and we’ll help you buy the house of your dreams or sell it and get a new one.

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