How coronavirus will impact the housing market

Pandemic Affecting South Florida

How 🤷‍♂️ is the pandemic affecting the SFlorida area Real Estate 🏠 market?

Hi, this is your friend 👍 Carlitos Zapata with Pitbull 🐶Realty and my phone is blowing up 🤳 with this question so I’ve put this video together to explain a little about what’s going on.

First, showings are still happening, homes 🏠 are still selling, and I’ve seen a huge increase 📈 in the number of shoppers registering online 💻. As the Broker of Pitbull 🐶 Realty in South Florida, this is one of the key ways I follow 👀 market trends. 

Loan officers are still funding loans 💰, title companies are still recording 📹, and I am still meeting new clients, many times by using the same video conference calls 📱 I do with many clients 👥 relocating to the South Florida area. If you are interested in this, set up a call 📞 I’ll work to connect quickly.

Finally, we are all taking added precautions ⚠. Make sure you are seriously interested 🤔 in a home prior to scheduling 📅 a showing. Check out 🔎 the location, drive by 🚗 , see if you can get a feel for the lay out, and if you are selling 💲 having a proper video on your home 🏠 is more important now than ever before.

Remember that in 3 of the last 5 recessions housing prices 💰 continued to go up 🆙 and in one of those the decrease was less than 2 percent and it rebounded quickly. This is a pandemic 😷, not a housing crisis. I’m happy 😁 to cover any other concerns you may have. 

This is your friend👋Carltios Zapata from PITBULL🐶 REALTY


How coronavirus will impact the housing market
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